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If you cancel within 3 days of your class or don't show the day of the class you will lose the entire amount paid - NO EXECPTIONS. PLEASE CONFIRM YOU ARE SELECTING THE CORRECT DATE AND THAT YOU ARE ABLE TO ATTEND PRIOR TO PAYING.

Concealed Pistol License courses take place here at Peacemakers just about every Saturday. We also offer Sunday and Two Night weekday classes. These are 8-hour courses covering everything needed to complete either the NRA or MCOLES requirements. Our skilled instructors will guide you through all the facets of concealed carry. You will shoot 100 rounds on the range to qualify for your certificate (50 during ammo shortages). We ask that you have a quality handgun that you are familiar with. If you have not purchased a firearm or just don't want to clean yours - rent ours for just $10. You will have to use our ammo if you are shooting the rental guns (if ammo is available). These classes are all $99.

Call 517-545-3030 today to book your spot.


Book Now - these classes fill fast! Prerequisites: Basic shooting skills - you should know how to handle a firearm safely, load, unload, and fire a gun. If you do not meet these requirements you should take our Intro to Handguns class first.

Cancellation Policy : You can move your class with three days notice at no charge - example: need to notify us by Wednesday for a Saturday class. If you cancel within 3 days of your class or don't show the day of the class you will lose the entire amount paid.

Virtual CPL Classes are now available and is our COVID-19 friendly option. The Classroom portion will be held via Zoom Meeting. Students will be required to have a Smartphone, Laptop or Desktop with operational webcam and mic, or tablet to attend the Virtual CPL Class. The Written and Shooting Test will be held by appointment, and scheduled upon completion of the Virtual Classroom portion. For more information, email peacemakersgunrangetraining@gmail.com, or call 517-545-3030.


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Live CPL Class - 02/27/2021

Saturday 9a-6p  $99

Live CPL Class - 03/06/2021

Saturday 9a-6p  $99

Live CPL Class - 03/13/2021

Saturday 9a-6p  $99

Live CPL Class - 03/20/2021

Saturday 9a-6p  $99

Live CPL Class - 03/27/2021

Saturday 9a-6p  $99

Live CPL Class - 04/03/2021

Saturday 9a-6p  $99

Live CPL Class - 04/10/2021

Saturday 9a-6p  $99

***Doors open 30 mins before start time.  Class starts at the time stated, Please arrive a few minutes early especially if you need to complete a range waiver, once on file these are good for the remainder of the calendar year. One can be printed off Here (Below) and you may bring it with you to class to save time.***

CPL Classes

Intro to Handguns Class

 Just getting started or need a refresher before you take your CPL class? Intro to Handguns is your class! This will get you started with basic pistol handling taught in a friendly classroom environment. In this three-hour course, you have about an hour and a half of class time and the remainder will be on the range. These classes are typically smaller than the CPL class. You will be exposed to the different types of pistols. There will be multiple Range Officers in the range helping you through handling safely, loading your own magazines, loading the firearms, proper grip, proper stance, aiming and finally live fire. We have a wide variety of guns in the class. Everything from a 22lr semi auto, revolver, concealed carry 380's, and 9mm's. The cost for this class is $50.


You won't need anything but a waiver form on file with us to take this course. Call 517-545-3030 today to book your spot.

Intro to Handguns DAY 3/12/21

Friday AM 9a-12p $50 

Intro to Handguns DAY 3/12/21

Friday PM 2p-5p $50 

Intro to Handguns 3/25/21

Thursday 5p-8p $50 


Advanced Classes

Advanced Conceal Carry Class Level 1 - 02/18/2021

Thursday 5p-9p  $99

Advanced Conceal Carry Class Level 2 - 03/11/2021

Thursday 5p-9p  $99

Advanced Concealed Carry Level 1

We have partnered with Fortis Group for our Advanced Concealed Carry courses. These classes SHOULD be required for all concealed carry license holders. This is our most dynamic training we offer in the range. Level I will teach you how to draw your firearm safely and deliver rounds on a target without even acquiring your sights. These are great classes for everyone of all skill levels. The instructors will cater the training to your skill level. You will need a quality firearm, retention holster, extra magazines, a magazine holster, and 150 rounds of ammo. This class will also fulfill your CPL renewal requirement. Prerequisite: basic shooting skills - you should know how to handle a firearm safely, load, unload, and fire a gun. CPL is not required but recommended for Level I.

Call 517-545-3030 today to book your spot.

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Due to COVID-19, Governor Whitmer, and the applicable Executive Orders, we are sorry to say  our 2020 Outdoor Classes have been cancelled. We hope to see you in 2021!


Immediate Responder Training (IRT)

The ability to assess and respond to emergency situations is a skill that is valuable to anyone and anywhere. In 360LS's IRT, students will learn; The essential mindset you need to become effective and successful in an emergency situation, what to expect when First Responders arrive, understanding you are protected under the "Good Samaritan" Law, and learn how to properly use the items in a trauma kit.

IRT Class - 03/25/2021

Thursday 6p-9p  $99