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Range Prices


One-Person Half Hour                         $12

One-Person Full Hour                          $16

Two-People Half Hour                         $17

Two-People Full Hour                          $21

Range Prices





When designing our indoor gun range, safety was a paramount concern. We have implemented many safety features in our range. Shooting firearms inside a building presents a unique set of safety concerns. Many of have our customers may be new to the shooting sports or have only fired their guns in an outdoor scenario.


Most people ask how do you keep the bullets in the building? We have 10″ thick walls made of solid concrete that will house the range. Your bullets will be shot into a rubber berm trap that catch the projectiles with minimal fragmentation. Also the rubber berm decreases the amount of ricochets. The ceiling is made of precast concrete panels with AR500 steel deflectors mounted to protect our lights and air vents.


The shooting stalls are made of bullet resistant panels. The air is filtered through HEPA filters and exchanged constantly. This keep us under the OSHA airborne lead standards. We want to provide a safe place for people to practice, try, learn and have fun with firearms.

Range Rules and Waiver

Range Rules
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