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Peacemakers is a full service 15 lane 25-yard indoor gun range. We offer the following: training, gunsmith services, a full retail area, rental guns, new and used firearms for sale, purchasing used firearms, ammo, AR-15 build kits and lowers, optics, targets, and special events. 

No matter what your need or experience level, we will be able to help you here at Peacemakers Gun Range with any firearm, hunting or defense needs you may have!

FFL Transfers

While we think we can compete with anyone out there, we are happy to offer FFL Transfers for online retailers as well as whenever else it is necessary.    Make sure to give us a chance to order that firearm for you first though because we have very competitive prices and that way you would save the transfer fee. Simply have your FFL Dealer email us at


In Store Services

Scope Mounting: $36

We offer Scope Mounting Services for any of our customers looking for installation. If you purchase the optic or firearm from us, receive 50% Off the standard rate. 

Bore Sighting: $15

Standard procedure with our Scope Mounting Service, some may need an already mounted optic Bore Sighted. Muzzle brakes may need to be removed to obtain an accurate adjustment.

Live-Fire Sign-In: $36 + Ammo

Some recreational shooters or hunters may need their Rifle or Handgun sighted in at a distance not offered at our indoor facility. We have the ability to live-fire zero out to 300 yards for a small fee plus the cost of ammunition. 

Consignment: 20%

Not only do we Buy and Trade Used Firearms, but we also offer Consignment. This is a good alternative for anyone looking to get the most out of their firearm. 

Small Accessory Installation: FREE with Purchase

Purchase any small accessory from us (Safety, Muzzle Brake, etc) and we will install it for free, while you wait, if we can. Handguards, Barrels, Gas Blocks, and Silencer Mounts not included. 


Peacemakers has contracted with Ballistic Innovations LLC to provide our customers with top notch gunsmithing service. Glenn Byerly has worked on dozens of our own guns and brings a high level of professionalism and quality to his work. We are proud to have Ballistic Innovations LLC as a member of the Peacemakers family. Our store is BI's exclusive store for his services and when the job is completed, your gun will be waiting for you at Peacemakers for pick up.

Click on the link below to see the basic menu of services offered:
Gunsmith Basic Price List

We have also developed a relationship with KSCA, a local Manufacturer that specializes in the AR-15 platform. KSCA builds custom AR-15s in any caliber and color variant available, including 450Bushmaster and 6.5Grendel. They also offer Cerakote services at unbelievable turn-around times. We contract with KSCA to offer any Cerakote, Laser Engraving, or Etching customization you can think of. Our customers are encouraged to stop in the store for a quote. 

You can see his website here:

Or for photos of his current work stop by his instagram at:

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